(adj. pulsating with life)

Our name says it all! Jesus said He came to give us life, and that the life we have would be abundant. We believe this abundant life means embodying the qualities of God’s Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self control. We’re not perfect, but God is working in us to bring these traits to LIFE!


(adj. celebrating difference and variety)

In the Bible, God says that one day people from every language, tribe, and nation will worship Him. At Abundant Life, we try to embody that truth today. We celebrate our diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, culture, and belief as we come together to worship our creative God.


(n. a body of Christian believers)

At Abundant Life, we have a building, but the building is not our church. Our church consists of the people who gather together to worship God together. It doesn’t matter where we meet (in fact, we have celebrated worship several times in parks and community centres)! What’s important is who is there.


(n. a group of people working toward a common goal)

Relationships are important at Abundant Life Church. We celebrate our community by meeting together on Sundays, in one another’s homes for care groups on a weekly basis, at the building for prayer meetings, and in coffee shops and restaurants to strengthen our friendships. God loves it when people spend time together for His common purpose!


(v. to develop and mature;
to increase)

At Abundant Life, we like to think of growth in an organic sense, like a plant. For a plant to be well established, it needs deep roots. at the same time, it grows up and outward. We want to grow deep roots, being faithful to the teaching of Jesus Christ, and we want to grow outward, to meet, interact, and better our community, that everyone we meet would experience the love that we’ve experienced!


(n., v. a passionate affection; to have concern for the well-being of others)

At Abundant Life, we love to love. We learn in the Bible that everything was created because of God’s great love, and we now have the ability to share that love, because we received it. it’s our desire that everyone in our community (and indeed, the world) would experience what it means to be loved by their creator, and to experience that love through his creation, the church.

Jesus Christ

(n. a first-century Jew from Israel; the Son of God)

Jesus is the reason we are together, the reason we do what we do, and the reason we are who we are. He is the head of the church and cares for the church and for all of humanity. in fact, he loves humanity so much that he died for us, and was raised back to life. We worship Jesus as fully God, who came to earth as a human man and who lives and reigns over everything forever.

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2013-12-29Growing in Christ
Luke 2:39-52

We don't know much about Jesus' childhood or adolescence. Some people think it's because that part of Jesus' life just isn't that important, or interesting. What we do know, however, is that these years were formative. Jesus was learning what he would need to know to do the will of His Father. What can we learn from his growing up that might help us with ours?

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2013-12-22Advent: Waiting for God

Jesus came as the long-awaited prophet, priest, and king. But there was something about this prophet, priest, and king, something different, that would change everything!

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2013-12-15Advent: Jesus The Coming King
Psalms 72

Doesn't it seem like life would be easier sometimes if we were in charge? We constantly mock and complain about our rulers now, so why not just govern ourselves? Unless there's a better way…

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2013-12-08Advent: Jesus The Priest
Hebrews 7:18 - 8:2

We don't often think about Jesus as a priest, but the New Testament is clear that we have something new in Jesus: a High Priest who can do everything we need! This Advent, let's remember that Jesus is not only a prophet, but a priest

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2013-12-01Advent: Jesus The Prophet
Luke 4:16-24

The story of the Exodus is the story of God's presence among the people It's the story of the people learning who God is, and who they are. And today, we'll talk about who God is and who we are.

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2013-11-24Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Glory of the Presence
Exodus 40:34-38

Too often we as Christians have a difficulty "feeling" the presence of God. Things seem so much easier when we look at the Old Testament, when God "resided" in the Tabernacle. Could there be something we're missing?

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2013-11-17Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Finishing Well
Exodus 40:1-33

Have you ever been in a footrace, or maybe watched one on television? If so, you'll know that the whole race is important, but the true test of endurance is the end. Will we have stamina to make it to the finish line, and to do it well? Starting is good, but finishing well is vital.

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2013-11-10Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Blessing of Obedience
Exodus 39

Do you ever find yourself wondering if it’s all worth it? We work and we strive and we deprive ourselves of seemingly fun or exciting things for the sake of obedience, but in the end, does it really do us any good? Moses certainly seemed to think so, and blessed the Israelites for their obedience. What blessings may lie in store for the obedient?

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2013-11-03God, The Same Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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2013-10-27Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Opulence
Exodus 38:21-31

The people of Israel gave above and beyond for the building of the Tabernacle. Some would say that the opulence of the Tabernacle went over the top, and that the money used could have been used for more humanitarian purposes. When we think and say those things, does it cause any self-reflection?

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2013-10-20Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Working Well
Exodus 38:1-20

Have you ever thought about the difference between working hard, and working well? Often times it seems we confuse the two, but the book of Exodus teaches us that to work hard is not enough; we need to learn to work well, to work with a purpose. Only then will we learn to find fulfillment in work.

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2013-10-13Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Grateful Living
Exodus 37:1-29

We often talk about having an "attitude of gratitude". But considering what we've been given, and what God has done for us, is simply checking our attitude enough? What does true thankfulness look like?

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2013-10-06Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Obedience
Exodus 36:8-38

A lot of people wonder what God REALLY wants them to do with their lives. They look for fulfillment, they look for meaning, and they look for purpose. But sometimes they miss the most important thing: God's will for us all is obedience, pure and simple.

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2013-09-29Ancient Christian History

If we want to know where we're headed, it's important to know where we've been. This morning we'll take a trip back in time to get to know our own history, and in the process, we'll get to know our faith in a new and fresh way.

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2013-09-22Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Generosity
Exodus 36:1-7

Have you ever thought about the incredible generosity of God. God gives without stopping. God gives without waiting. How are we supposed to respond to such generosity? With generosity of our own, perhaps?

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2013-09-15Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: God In The Details
Exodus 35:30-35

Do you ever feel like the little things in your life are too insignificant to take to God? Maybe God is busy running the universe and doesn't have time for all of our little problems. Or maybe, just maybe, God cares deeply about the minutiae of our lives, because God cares deeply about us!

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2013-09-08Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Second Chances
Exodus 35:1-29

Isn't it amazing how God can continue to love us, even though we're pretty awful sometimes? Have you ever thought about the second (and third, and fourth) chances we've been given, and how we still mess up? How should that inform our inclination to give second chances to others?

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2013-09-01Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Encountering God
Exodus 34:29-35

Moses met with God on the mountain-top, and it changed him. When he came down, his face was so brilliant the Israelites couldn't bear to even look at him. How has your encounter with God changed you?

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2013-08-25The Church
Ephesians 4:11-15

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2013-08-18Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Jealous God
Exodus 34:10-28

God calls himself "jealous" many times in the scriptures, but it's hard to think of God in that way. We usually either get the picture of a benevolent grandfather or an angry disciplinarian. What if we're a little short-sighted? What if God is a whole lot bigger than we give God credit for?

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2013-08-11Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Memory
Exodus 34:1-9

If you've spent any time reading the Bible, you'll notice that there's a lot of repetition. And you may wonder why. God regularly repeats himself, sometimes for emphasis, and sometimes for the benefit of memory. But it's important to remember that the repetition IS there for a reason. It will certainly give us something to think about.

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2013-08-04Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: God´s Glory
Exodus 33:17-23

Sometimes it seems that while we believe in God, there's not a lot of proof. We look for God's presence and are sometimes disappointed when we don't see God the way we want to see God. Perhaps God is trying to be seen and known, but we keep looking in the wrong places and ways. What if we started asking to see the glory in the way God wants to show it?

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2013-07-21Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Presence
Exodus 33:7-16

Christians often talk about the presence of God. We "feel" God, we "hear" God, sometimes we even "see" God in things. But what do we actually mean? Is there a way to measure or conjure the presence of God? Or should we start asking new questions? Maybe we should ask what it means to experience the presence of God and how we can participate in that experience.

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2013-07-14Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Consumed
Exodus 33:1-6

Have you ever wondered at God's motivation? Ever questioned WHY God would do something one way and not another? You're not alone. But in that wondering, we have the opportunity to open our minds to God's greater purpose, and perhaps, if we watch carefully, we'll see things in a whole new way.

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2013-07-07Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Cost Of Discipleship
Exodus 32:21-35

Have you ever heard anyone say that following Jesus is simply a matter of belief? In a way, they're right, but the passage today proves to us that belief is something much more powerful than just a mental agreement. Belief will cost us everything. And it will be worth it!

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2 Corinthians 9:1-15

The topic of church giving can be intensely controversial and incredibly personal. Many in our culture believe the church to be simply out of money. Why would God need our money? But what if our giving is about much more? Can giving be an act of discipleship?

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2013-06-23Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Sound Of Revelry
Exodus 32:15-20

What is it about sin that can be so attractive? Even when we know something will be bad for us, even if we know it contravenes the law of God, we still find perverse pleasure in it. Discipleship is about learning to find joy in the things of God rather than in the things of sin and death. Let's discover that joy together.

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2013-06-16Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Epic Fail
Exodus 32:7-14

Have you ever thought about how fragile our lives are? A simple sneeze while driving would be all it takes to end this life of ours, and yet we often move through life without thinking of what truly matters. What do we do with the knowledge that we live and breathe based solely on the power of God? Does it change how we live? It really ought to!

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2013-06-09Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Waiting For God
Exodus 32:1-6

Things move awfully quickly these days. Work, school, traffic, family, and schedules all seem to conspire to exhaust us with the constant demands for speed and efficiency. It's not a popular thing today to talk about waiting or patience, which makes it all the more necessary. What does it mean to wait? What does it mean to be patient? How do we start to incorporate waiting and patience into lives driven to the brink of madness by the pace of it all? Today we'll explore together what it means to wait on the Lord, and what it can do to transform our lives.

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2013-06-02Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Holy Things
Exodus 30:11-38

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2013-05-26Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Sabbath Part Three
Exodus 31:12-18

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2013-05-19Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Beautiful Gifts
Exodus 31:1-11

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2013-05-12Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Enjoyment
Exodus 30:1-10

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2013-05-05Identity, Who Are You?

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2013-04-28Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: God With Us
Exodus 29:39-46

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2013-04-21Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Set Appart For Service
Exodus 29:1-37

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2013-04-14Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Bringing it All
Exodus 28:6-43

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2013-04-07Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: God´s Gifts
Exodus 28:1-5

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2013-03-31The Easter Story
Luke 24:13-35

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2013-03-24Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Building The Tabernacle
Exodus 27

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2013-03-17Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: God Here and There
Exodus 26

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2013-03-10Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Furniture
Exodus 25:23-40

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2013-03-03Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Arc
Exodus 25:10-22

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2013-02-24Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Tabernacle
Exodus 25:1-9

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2013-02-17Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Revealing The Presence of God
Exodus 24:9-18

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2013-02-10Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Covenant
Exodus 24:1-8

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2013-02-03Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Following God
Exodus 23:20-33

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2013-01-27Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Consecrated To God
Exodus 23:10-19

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2013-01-20Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Best Policy
Exodus 23:1-9

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2013-01-13Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: Grace in God´s Law
Exodus 22:16-30

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2013-01-06Exodus - Practicing the Presence of God: The Law of Love
Exodus 22:1-15

Pastor Mike SwalmPlay