(adj. pulsating with life)

Our name says it all! Jesus said He came to give us life, and that the life we have would be abundant. We believe this abundant life means embodying the qualities of Godís Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self control. Weíre not perfect, but God is working in us to bring these traits to LIFE!


(adj. celebrating difference and variety)

In the Bible, God says that one day people from every language, tribe, and nation will worship Him. At Abundant Life, we try to embody that truth today. We celebrate our diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, culture, and belief as we come together to worship our creative God.


(n. a body of Christian believers)

At Abundant Life, we have a building, but the building is not our church. Our church consists of the people who gather together to worship God together. It doesnít matter where we meet (in fact, we have celebrated worship several times in parks and community centres)! Whatís important is who is there.


(n. a group of people working toward a common goal)

Relationships are important at Abundant Life Church. We celebrate our community by meeting together on Sundays, in one anotherís homes for care groups on a weekly basis, at the building for prayer meetings, and in coffee shops and restaurants to strengthen our friendships. God loves it when people spend time together for His common purpose!


(v. to develop and mature;
to increase)

At Abundant Life, we like to think of growth in an organic sense, like a plant. For a plant to be well established, it needs deep roots. at the same time, it grows up and outward. We want to grow deep roots, being faithful to the teaching of Jesus Christ, and we want to grow outward, to meet, interact, and better our community, that everyone we meet would experience the love that weíve experienced!


(n., v. a passionate affection; to have concern for the well-being of others)

At Abundant Life, we love to love. We learn in the Bible that everything was created because of Godís great love, and we now have the ability to share that love, because we received it. itís our desire that everyone in our community (and indeed, the world) would experience what it means to be loved by their creator, and to experience that love through his creation, the church.

Jesus Christ

(n. a first-century Jew from Israel; the Son of God)

Jesus is the reason we are together, the reason we do what we do, and the reason we are who we are. He is the head of the church and cares for the church and for all of humanity. in fact, he loves humanity so much that he died for us, and was raised back to life. We worship Jesus as fully God, who came to earth as a human man and who lives and reigns over everything forever.

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2016-12-25Christmas Day
John 3

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2016-12-24Christmas Spirit

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2016-12-18Advent: Mary Did You Know?
Luke 1:26-55

For a young woman to be approached by an angel is miraculous. For that young woman to be told that she, as a virgin, will bear the son of God in her body must have been terrifying. Yet the words of Mary are the words of obedience and grace: "Let it be to me as you have said." What kind of faith did it take for Mary to speak those words, and what kind of faith will it take for us to speak the same?

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2016-12-11Advent: Emmanuel
Matthew 1:18-23, Isaiah 7:14

It is one of the most incomprehensible truths of the Christian faith: God, the almighty ruler and creator of all that is, decides in infinite wisdom to take on humanity, to become a man, in order to reveal His very nature to us in a way we can almost understand. How do we even begin to approach this mysterious miracle during Advent?

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2016-11-27Advent: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Isaiah 9:5-7

...When the new heaven and earth shall own
The Prince of Peace, their King,
And the whole world send back the song
Which now the angels sing.

Isaiah consoles the hurting and weary people of God by foretelling the advent of one who would be, among other things, a Prince of Peace. This week we begin Advent and prepare to celebrate the coming of Jesus - the challenge, however, is that we don´t need to listen to the news for more than a couple minutes before we realize that we´re still very much in a time of Advent -- awaiting the coming of God´s kingdom. But is our task one of waiting faithfully, or is it something more?

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2016-11-20The Jesus Way: Lesson 90 - Like a Child
Matthew 19:13-15

The Disciples thought they were doing Jesus a favour in rebuking parents and hindering children. Aren´t we to bring people to Jesus?

Pastor Peter WagarPlay
2016-11-13The Jesus Way: Lesson 89 - What´s God´s Design for Disciples and the Issue of Divorce
Matthew 19:1-12

What´s God´s design for Christian marriage? In addition what about the topic of celibacy and how that fits in with the prevailing expectation that most people will marry? We live in a conflicted culture and church that is faced with offering biblical guidance and grace with these questions.

Pastor Roger HellandPlay
2016-11-06The Jesus Way: Lesson 88 - Forgiveness
Mattew 18:21-35

Forgiveness is at the heart of our faith - we are called to forgive just as we have been forgiven. Perhaps forgiveness becomes a challenge when we fail to see just how freely we have been forgiven and forgiven again. We have no debt before our God - he has given freely. If he truly loves and forgives our enemies - shouldn´t we?

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2016-10-30The Jesus Way: Lesson 87 - You´re more than just a tool!
Matthew 18:15-20

Imagine if the King of the universe gave us a special job? What if he entrusted us with his most precious creation? Last week we learned that the Good Shepherd rejoices more over the return of the lost sheep than the 99 who stayed and so this week we learn how to go about working to restore that lost brother or sister. He has entrusted us with the job of binding and loosing - of bringing together and keeping apart. This call to community and brotherly love is not to be taken lightly. It might just be our most important job. We are after all the brothers and sisters of Christ - and he stopped at nothing, not even death, to reconcile us to each other and to God.

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2016-10-23The Jesus Way: Lesson 86 - A Warning and an Encouragement
Matthew 18:10-14

Have you ever felt lost or that you wander through life as a Christian? Have you ever looked at other Christians with contempt because they are so-called "backsliders"? If so, there is both a warning and an encouragement in this passage for you today, based on the Gospel illustrated here in the Jesus Way.

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2016-10-16The Jesus Way: Lesson 85 - Like a Child
Matthew 18:1-9

Many people have wondered what it means to become like a child. Is it to become innocent? Playful? Trusting? Lacking in critical thinking skills? It probably isn´t any of those things. This week we will take a look at what it was like to be a child in the ancient world and why Jesus uses a child to teach, once again, that we must lose everything to gain the kingdom.

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2016-10-09The Jesus Way: Lesson 84 - This is Jesus
Matthew 17:24-27

Trevor will be speaking on the verses in Matthew 17 that talk about paying the Temple tax.

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2016-10-02The Jesus Way: Lesson 83 - The Challenge of Faith
Matthew 17:14-21

It seems that as Jesus gets nearer to Calvary his focus shifts to ensuring his disciples are prepared for his death and resurrection. With the end of His earthly ministry approaching, he urgently desires to see the Church take on His mission but a father brings his son to Jesus for healing after the disciples were unable to help. Jesus rebuked them for being unable to help the man - by now, shouldn´t they have it figured out? Join us this week as we explore the challenge given to us by Jesus - the challenge of faith.

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2016-09-25The Jesus Way: Lesson 82 - The Greatest Mountain Top Experience of All Time
Matthew 17:1-3

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2016-09-18The Jesus Way: Lesson 81 - Losing Your Life (for His sake)
Matthew 16:17-28

It must have been confusing for Peter to be praised for his insight into Jesus´ true identity one moment and then rebuked as "Satan" in the next. Peter believed that while others might suffer and die surely the Messiah would be safe from such peril. Isn´t this the paradox of our faith? We worship a suffering King of Glory - a wounded Victor - a crucified Savior - Jesus teaches us that the only path to life is one marked by self-denial and suffering. This Sunday we will explore the meaning of losing one´s life for His sake and gaining true life by doing so.

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2016-09-04The Jesus Way: Lesson 80 - Fatherly Love
Matthew 16:13-20

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2016-08-24The Jesus Way: Lesson 79 - Come and Dine
Matt 16:5-12

Just one chapter ago we saw Jesus feed thousands of people with only a few loaves of bread. Bread is not an unfamiliar symbol for us - from manna being provided in the wilderness all the way to the communion table, bread is at the heart of our faith. Jesus warns us, however, to beware the yeast of the Pharisees. We need Jesus, the bread of life, to sustain us - and oh how he sustains us! But do our fears and doubts and our hunger for power and control creep in and keep us from fully experiencing life at the Father´s table?

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2016-08-21The Jesus Way: Lesson 78 - Give us a Sign!!!
Matthew 16:1-4

The Pharisees were perhaps the men most dedicated to searching the scriptures and living righteously by them. They, of all people, should have been prepared for the Messiah. How is it that they failed to recognize him and how is it that so many people who were outsiders, outcasts, and outlaws knew exactly who he was? Jesus compares this reality to the story of Jonah. It´s interesting when we consider that Jonah spoke the smallest prophecy in the Old Testament and yet his ministry was by far the most effective. If the evil Ninevites understood Jonah´s short message, why do so many of us still not believe after everything we´ve been taught?

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2016-08-14The Jesus Way: Lesson 77 - The Extravagance of God
Matthew 15:29-39

It´s all too easy to sympathize with the people around Jesus. After all, aren´t they the ones who are supposed to receive the best, the blessings, the direct line to God? Yet in this passage, God´s extravagance explodes from Jesus and those around him must have been left scratching their heads. How alike is the church today with those early disciples?

Pastor Mike SwalmPlay
2016-08-07The Jesus Way: Lesson 76 - The Mission Expands
Matthew 15:21-28

A dog? That´s what Jesus calls the poor woman who comes to him for healing! Why does Jesus act in such an atypical fashion? Isn´t Jesus the one who leads us to embrace the other, to accept and love the stranger? Why a dog?

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2016-07-24The Jesus Way: Lesson 75 - Tradition
Matthew 15:1-20

Tradition is important to all of us, because tradition gives us a sense of the past, the present, and it informs our future. When Jesus is critical of tradition, we instinctively defend ourselves because our very identity is wrapped up in our tradition. But what is Jesus really trying to do in his criticism? Is he trying to break us down, or could it be that he´s trying to build us up?

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2016-07-17The Jesus Way: Lesson 74 - Faith
Matthew 14:22-34

We´ve often heard about having enough faith to move mountains, faith to do incredible things, but few of us experience those incredible things. Peter actually walked out on the water to Jesus, and we don´t believe that God can supply our needs for tomorrow. What does it mean to have this kind of faith, and where do we find it?

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2016-07-10The Jesus Way: Lesson 73 - Grief and Compassion
Matthew 14:13-21

Grief can be debilitating. It can take once vibrant people and reduce them to almost nothing. Jesus knew grief like we do. Interestingly, this grief didn´t stop Jesus from seeing the world around him, but drove him to a deeper compassion for those around him who grieved, who needed. What would it look like to follow Jesus into his grief and compassion?

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2016-07-03The Jesus Way: Lesson 72 - Speaking Out The Jesus Way
Matthew 14:1-12

John the Baptist was a radical man - he spoke fearlessly and cried out for all to repent - he spoke against those in power and was eventually beheaded for such boldness. Is this how we are supposed to respond to the injustices we see in our world? Perhaps it is. But first....

This Sunday we look at John´s life and we reflect on the way his life of prayer, fasting, and rootedness in Christ prepared him to speak out.

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2016-06-26The Jesus Way: Lesson 71 - Hometown Prophet
Matthew 13:54-58

How is it possible that people so close to Jesus as his friends and family could reject him so thoroughly? What was it about this new vision of Jesus that caused them to behave with such animosity and faithlessness?

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2016-06-12The Jesus Way: Lesson 70 - Deep Sea Fishing
Matthew 13:47-52

Jesus gives a parable about the ocean and this particular teaching potentially evokes a sense of fear and insecurity - but doesn´t the Old Testament teach us that God´s judgment is a good thing? Isn´t His judgment completely different from that of the world? Come Lord! Let down the nets and set things right again.

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2016-06-05The Jesus Way: Lesson 69 - The Value of The Kingdom
Matthew 13:44-46

What is it about the kingdom that is so valuable? And do we really understand the value the kingdom has, or do we take it for granted?

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2016-05-29The Jesus Way: Lesson 68 - Little Things
Matthew 13: 31-33

We all want to do big things for God, but in these parables, it seems like God may not necessarily be looking for big things. God may, in fact, want to use the little things. Are we able to let go of big dreams to see little realities?

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2016-05-22The Jesus Way: Lesson 67 - The Harvest
Matthew 13:24-20, 36-43

The parable of the weeds can lead some people to say we shouldn´t worry about sin in the church. The story, they say, shows us that God will work everything out in the end, so we shouldn´t worry about anyone doing anything wrong. But aren´t we supposed to care about holiness and purity? How could Jesus be so contradictory?

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2016-05-15The Jesus Way: Lesson 66 - Ears to Hear
Matthew 13:10-17

These verses make it seem like Jesus is intentionally keeping people in the dark. If that´s the case, what hope do we have of understanding and putting into practice the word of the Kingdom? Unless we´ve missed his point altogether...

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2016-05-08The Jesus Way: Lesson 65 - Seed and Soil
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

The parable of the sower talks about the nature of different kinds of soil as a comparison for our reception of the good news of the Kingdom. But soil can´t change itself! How are we supposed to apply this passage to ourselves if we´re powerless to do anything about it?

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2016-04-24The Jesus Way: Lesson 64 - Focus on the Family
Matthew 12:45-50

The words of Jesus regarding his family seem callous and thoughtless. How could he be so cruel as to reject the ones who cares for him?

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2016-04-17The Jesus Way: Lesson 63 - Authority, the Jesus way!
Matthew 12:38-45

Is it such a travesty, asking for a sign of Jesus´ authority? Why are the Pharisees so rebuked, simply for asking? And how do we fit into the story?

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2016-04-10The Jesus Way: Lesson 62 - Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
Matthew 12:31-37

I remember growing up being terribly afraid of having committed the "unforgivable sin" and being cast away from God forever. The words of Jesus here inspire fear to those of us who won´t look closer at the scriptures. Could it be that Jesus has something else in mind than scaring his followers? How does this square with the way of Jesus we´ve learned about so far?

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2016-04-03The Jesus Way: Lesson 61 - Binding the Strong Man
Matthew 12:15-30

Sometimes as Christians we get caught up in thinking it´s our job to determine who´s in and who´s out - without knowing it we rank people based on their sins. When doing this we are often working against what God himself is doing. While we are busy determining who´s whole and who´s broken, God is longing to heal every hurting person. Are you part of the gathering or the scattering? Are we bringing together or are we dividing?

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2016-03-27Easter 2016: Resurrection
Luke 24:1-12


Pastor Mike SwalmPlay
2016-03-20Easter 2016: The Triumphal Entry
Luke 19.28-40

The story of the triumphal entry is like no other royal procession in history. How do we claim to follow a king who rides a donkey with a few followers into Jerusalem?

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2016-03-13The Jesus Way: Lesson 60 - Lord of the Sabbath
Matthew 12:1-14

The idea of Sabbath is beautiful. Who wouldn´t want a whole day to rest? But in this age of busyness, don´t we need some concrete rules about the Sabbath to make sure we´re restful enough?

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2016-03-06The Jesus Way: Lesson 59 - Wisdom and Foolishness
Matthew 11:25-30

We always value the brightest and the best in our society, but everything in the kingdom of God seems backward and upside down! What are we to do with a gospel that´s revealed to the simplest and hidden from the knowledgeable?

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2016-02-28The Jesus Way: Lesson 58 - Hard-Hearted
Matthew 11:20-24

It´s always nice to think we´re on the winning team, or that we´ve chosen the right path or the right side. In Matthew, Jesus regularly calls people to his side, but many don´t listen, even after they´ve seen his wonders. Are we that much different?

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2016-02-21The Jesus Way: Lesson 57 - Wisdom
Matthew 11:16-19

Few would dispute that the Way of Jesus runs along the path of Wisdom. Sadly, wisdom seems in very short supply, both within the church and without. What are we to make of Jesus and John the Baptist and their actions, and would we even dare call them "wise" today?

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2016-02-14The Jesus Way: Lesson 56 - The Messiah!
Matthew 11:2-15

We´ve been talking all this time about the Jesus way. But did the Jesus way really originate with Jesus? What about the Old Testament? And what about John the Baptist?

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2016-02-07The Jesus Way: Lesson 55 - The Name
Matthew 10:40-11:1

Jesus talks about receiving disciples in his name, about speaking in his name, and about going in his name. What is it about his name that is so special, so important?

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2016-01-31The Jesus Way: Lesson 54 - Not Peace but a Sword?
Matthew 10:32-39

Often when we tell people about the kingdom of God, we tell them a rosy story about a place where peace reigns and people are kind and loving. While this is a true picture, it´s not the whole picture. This message is not just a message of peace and comfort; it´s also a message that demands loyalty!

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2016-01-24The Jesus Way: Lesson 53 - Radicals!
Matthew 10:16-31

It seems that Jesus anticipated pretty rough things for his disciples if they fulfilled their mission. Nothing has happened since to make us think anything different should happen to us, yet we rarely encounter the kind of persecution Jesus talks about. Are we simply living in a different time, or is there a deeper reason for our relative ease?

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2016-01-17The Jesus Way: Lesson 52 - Sent!
Matthew 10:1-15

Jesus sends out his disciples on a mission. It´s tough to look back at the disciples and imagine ourselves to be on the same mission. Has Jesus changed his expectations of his disciples, or are we bound to the same goal?

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2016-01-10The Jesus Way: Lesson 51 - The Harvest
Matthew 9:35-38

Jesus talked about the harvest being ready, but the workers being few. Does this still apply today when we have more than a billion people on earth calling themselves followers of Jesus? Is the harvest still ready, and if so, aren´t the workers a bit more plentiful?

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2016-01-03The Jesus Way: Lesson 50 - A Formula for Faith
Matthew 9:27-34

The last few passages we´ve read have included some aspect of healing, and often that healing is related to faith. What is this mysterious power of faith that allows healing to happen? How can we tap into that power? And why?

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