(adj. pulsating with life)

Our name says it all! Jesus said He came to give us life, and that the life we have would be abundant. We believe this abundant life means embodying the qualities of God’s Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self control. We’re not perfect, but God is working in us to bring these traits to LIFE!


(adj. celebrating difference and variety)

In the Bible, God says that one day people from every language, tribe, and nation will worship Him. At Abundant Life, we try to embody that truth today. We celebrate our diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, culture, and belief as we come together to worship our creative God.


(n. a body of Christian believers)

At Abundant Life, we have a building, but the building is not our church. Our church consists of the people who gather together to worship God together. It doesn’t matter where we meet (in fact, we have celebrated worship several times in parks and community centres)! What’s important is who is there.


(n. a group of people working toward a common goal)

Relationships are important at Abundant Life Church. We celebrate our community by meeting together on Sundays, in one another’s homes for care groups on a weekly basis, at the building for prayer meetings, and in coffee shops and restaurants to strengthen our friendships. God loves it when people spend time together for His common purpose!


(v. to develop and mature;
to increase)

At Abundant Life, we like to think of growth in an organic sense, like a plant. For a plant to be well established, it needs deep roots. at the same time, it grows up and outward. We want to grow deep roots, being faithful to the teaching of Jesus Christ, and we want to grow outward, to meet, interact, and better our community, that everyone we meet would experience the love that we’ve experienced!


(n., v. a passionate affection; to have concern for the well-being of others)

At Abundant Life, we love to love. We learn in the Bible that everything was created because of God’s great love, and we now have the ability to share that love, because we received it. it’s our desire that everyone in our community (and indeed, the world) would experience what it means to be loved by their creator, and to experience that love through his creation, the church.

Jesus Christ

(n. a first-century Jew from Israel; the Son of God)

Jesus is the reason we are together, the reason we do what we do, and the reason we are who we are. He is the head of the church and cares for the church and for all of humanity. in fact, he loves humanity so much that he died for us, and was raised back to life. We worship Jesus as fully God, who came to earth as a human man and who lives and reigns over everything forever.

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2017-12-31Advent: The Once and Future King
Matthew 2:1-2

Christmas is over. The King has been born. Now what?

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2017-12-24Christmas Eve
Luke 2:1-20

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2017-12-17Advent: Peace
John 14:27

Jesus claims that he gives us peace, but not in the same way the world gives peace. How does the world give peace, and how is it possible that we’d settle for that peace once we’ve seen how Jesus gives?

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2017-12-10Advent: Joy
John 15:11

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.

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2017-12-03Advent: Love
John 3:16-17

Are we really sinners in the hands of an angry god? Or does the birth of Jesus mean something else?

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2017-11-26Advent: The Hope of Advent
John 1:40-41

The birth of Jesus was the fulfillment of centuries of hope. Does Advent still provide hope for a world that is so radically different?

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2017-11-19Presents for Presence: How to Use Your Gifts
1 Corinthians 12

We can spend our lives trying to figure out how we’ve been gifted and what God has called us to, but if we never put it into use, our effort is wasted. How do we engage in God’s mission through the use of our gifts?

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2017-11-12Presents for Presence: How Do I Know My Gifts?
1 Corinthians 12

There are dozens of tests you can take to figure out what you like, how you’re put together, and what your purpose should be based on your personality. What most of these tests leave out is the most important thing of all: What is God saying?

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2017-11-05Presents for Presence: WHY do we have Spiritual Gifts?
1 Corinthians 12

Getting a present is a wonderful thing. but presents are not just given to be stared at (unless they’re picture frames), presents are given to be used! What are the uses for our presents?

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2017-10-29Presents for Presence: What ARE Spiritual Gifts?
1 Corinthians 12

Everyone loves to get presents. And it must be even better if we get presents from God! But what are these presents we receive? What do they look like, and where do they come from?

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2017-10-22The Jesus Way: Lesson 129 - The Jesus Way - Summary

We’ve taken our time through the Jesus Way. We’ve learned a lot, and now it’s time to apply. What IS the Jesus Way? How do we follow it? And more importantly, how do we follow it TOGETHER?

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2017-10-15The Jesus Way: Lesson 128 - Our Calling: The Jesus Way
Matthew 28:16-20

Jesus called his disciples, and us, to make disciples, to teach others to obey, to baptize, to GO! Why does it seem we’re so willing to stay?

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2017-10-08The Jesus Way: Lesson 127 - Life: the Jesus Way
Matthew 28:1-15

The guards shook with fear. The women fell and worshiped. The priests started to plot. Each encountered the risen Jesus with a different reaction. And nothing much has changed! How have you reacted to the one who died and rose again?

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2017-10-01The Jesus Way: Lesson 126 - Hope?
Matthew 27:57-66

It had to be a brutal day for the followers of Jesus. His body was taken down from the cross and placed in a borrowed tomb. Where were the promises now? His claims of resurrection were forgotten in the midst of their grief and pain. Our grief and pain may dull our hope in Christ as well, perhaps as effectively as our apathy does. Where do we go from here?

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2017-09-24The Jesus Way: Lesson 125 - The Power of God
Matthew 27:51-56

When we think of the crucifixion, we usually think of the spiritual implications. But scripture shows us an entirely different picture, a more holistic view, where even the very rocks are affected by Jesus’ death! What if Jesus’ work on the cross impacted not just our spiritual lives, but every aspect of reality?

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2017-09-17The Jesus Way: Lesson 124 - The Jesus Way to Die
Matthew 27:45-50

The Jesus Way to live leads to the Jesus Way to die, which leads to the Jesus Way to life eternal. We’re not to fear death, yet Jesus seemed to experience incredible pain in the last moments of his life. How do we live knowing that this could be our end as well? Is God truly walking with us even into that dark place?

Andrew Peterson - The Silence Of God

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2017-09-03The Jesus Way: Lesson 123 - Suffering
Matthew 27:27-44

We live relatively comfortable lives and seek relatively comfortable deaths. It’s strange behaviour for people who follow the crucified king. How should the manner of Jesus’ death inform our understanding of life, and the life and death we’re called to in Christ?

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2017-08-27The Jesus Way: Lesson 122 - A Thorn in the Side
Matthew 27:11-26

Why was the crowd around Jesus whipped up into such a frenzy? What was it about this carpenter from a backwater village that had them so angry they called for his death? And what are we doing to follow this "thorn in the side" in such a way that we might cause such passion?

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2017-08-20The Jesus Way: Lesson 121 - No One Left Behind
Matthew 27:1-10

It’s much easier in our minds to categorize people as righteous or wicked than to acknowledge the wickedness of us all and the good we’re capable of. Shades of grey often elude us. Judas is the bad guy. And we like to keep him as the bad guy. But what do the scriptures really tell us about him? Can even Judas be redeemed?

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2017-08-13The Jesus Way: Lesson 120 - The Jesus Way of Loyalty
Matthew 26:69-75

Peter was Jesus’ right-hand-man, his confidante and friend. How could his sense of loyalty to his friend and Lord be so flimsy, so weak? And how are we, who have never been as close, to be more loyal than Peter?

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2017-07-30The Jesus Way: Lesson 119 - The Jesus Way and the Powers
Matthew 26:57-68

The way of Jesus is likely to get us into trouble because the way of Jesus is contrary to the way the powers of this world work. How we confront those powers, how we respond, will say more than we ever could about our allegiance to Jesus.

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2017-07-23The Jesus Way: Lesson 118 - The Jesus Way is Not the Way of Fear
Matthew 26:47-56

A crowd in the night, armed with swords and clubs. Accusations, betrayal, and sorrow. A hostile arrest. If these aren’t good reasons to be afraid, what would be? But in the midst of all of the chaos, aren’t we called to something more noble, more Christlike, than simply living in fear?

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2017-07-16The Jesus Way: Lesson 117 - The Spirit Is Willing…
Matthew 26:36-46

Jesus saw what was coming with clarity, and dread. The disciples, however, were blind to what was coming. They thought of their own comfort, they were tired, they gave in to the needs of their bodies, and lost sight of eternity standing before them. How much more are we blinded to what’s coming in the midst of our own needs?

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2017-07-09The Jesus Way: Lesson 116 - When We Fall Away
Matthew 26:31-35

The disciples missed the boat. They had been with Jesus day in and day out for three years, and yet near the end, Jesus predicts that all of them will fall away and desert him in his hour of need. What kind of model for discipleship is this? How do we square the idea of Jesus as a great leader of men (and women) with Jesus being abandoned by the very people who followed him?

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2017-07-02The Jesus Way: Lesson 115 - Passover & The Lord´s Supper
Matthew 26:17-30

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2017-06-25The Jesus Way: Lesson 114 - Expectations of the Jesus Way
Matthew 26:14-16

It’s pretty clear that although Judas was a follower of Jesus, he was following with an agenda. We like to think we’re different, but most of us come to the table with an agenda, a desire for Jesus to be this or that, to do this or that. What would it look like to allow Jesus to set the agenda?

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2017-06-11The Jesus Way: Lesson 113 - In Memory of Her
Matthew 26:6-13

Just before the last supper and the arrest of Jesus there´s a strange story in Matthew. A woman enters the story and in front of the disciples she anoints Jesus´ head with expensive perfume. The men are offended by this woman but Jesus rebukes them and praises her. Something huge is happening here -- we can´t miss it! Jesus declares that wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, this story will be told in memory of her.

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2017-06-04The Jesus Way: Lesson 112 - The Jesus Way of Transition
Matthew 26:1-5

Sometimes we´re so busy looking for the big themes in the Bible, for the BIG THINGS God is doing, that we miss the work of God in the little things, in the everyday, in the throwaway passages and transitions. The Jesus Way calls us into a life of attention, where we watch even the innocuous for a sense of God´s movement and speaking.

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2017-05-28The Jesus Way: Lesson 111 - Sheep and Goats
Matthew 25:31-46

We take it for granted that what we do matters. Of course it matters. But do we truly understand the eternal significance of what we do, and for whom?

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2017-05-21The Jesus Way: Lesson 110 - On Your Mark, Get Set...
Matthew 24:45-25:30

The Jesus Way is not the way of busyness, but preparedness. We do not work foolishly, mindlessly, but with purpose, with a view toward the end. So what will our work look like today? Tomorrow? When Jesus returns?

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2017-05-14The Jesus Way: Lesson 109 - Watchful
Matthew 24:36-44

We spend so much time and worry about the end of the world, about the return of Jesus, and speculating on what it will be like, and when, that it´s easy to forget that the notion of watchfulness has a very real present component...we´re supposed to be AWAKE!

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2017-05-07The Jesus Way: Lesson 108 - The End?
Matthew 24:1-35

Jesus has warned his disciples of the coming destruction of the temple, but they don´t really understand what´s coming. How often do we struggle with the same lack of foresight?

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2017-04-30The Jesus Way: Lesson 107 - Lament for Jerusalem
Matthew 23:37-39

The Jesus Way is going to involve grief. We will grieve when we, or others, step off the Way and take their own paths. Yet there is always hope. Jesus is still living and active!

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2017-04-23The Jesus Way: Lesson 106 - Woe To YOU!
Matthew 23:13-36

Aren´t we all little Pharisees in the making? The Jesus Way requires us to give up our self-righteousness, even when it feels so comforting!

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2017-04-16Easter 2017: He is Alive!
Luke 24:1-12

We talk a lot about remembering Jesus, worshiping Jesus, praying to Jesus, but do we forget sometimes that Jesus is Alive? That Jesus is present with His people? Do we forget that Jesus was not raised just so we could be raised (which is amazing) but that he is WITH US? He Is Alive.

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2017-04-09The Jesus Way: Lesson 105 - Do as I say...
Matthew 23:1-12

We all desire to live a life worthy of remembering. But as it turns out, it´s much easier to talk a good game than to live it. Most of us preach things we have a difficult time living. We blame others for what we couldn´t do either. And we think somehow we´re better than the Pharisees. What would it look like to live a life that matched our speech?

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2017-04-02The Jesus Way: Lesson 104 - Sons and Lords
Matthew 22:41-46

Jesus has taken as much testing and trapping as he´s willing to take, and now it´s his turn. But instead of going on the attack (he´ll do that in the next chapter), Jesus instead asks a difficult question about an obscure Psalm. Could it be that this is setting up the people for a much bigger conflict than just Jesus and the Pharisees?

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2017-03-26The Jesus Way: Lesson 103 - The Greatest Commandment(s)
Matthew 22:34-40

Love God and love people. It seems like the greatest and second greatest commandments should be awfully easy. Just love! But what does it mean? It may be true that "all you need is love," but how can we define love in a way that doesn´t reduce it to a syrupy Hallmark sentiment?

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2017-03-19The Jesus Way: Lesson 102 - So Sad, You See!
Matthew 22:23-33

Questions, doubts, and theological conundrums: they serve a purpose, don´t they? They´re supposed to drive us to the search for truth, and for The Truth. But what happens when we allow questions, doubts, and theological conundrums to distract us from the actual quest? Jesus has an answer for the Sadducees, but it´s not one they´re going to like!

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2017-03-12The Jesus Way: Lesson 101 - Hey, That´s Mine!
Matthew 22:15-22

The government. There are few topics that get people riled up like the concept of governance, and how Christians should respond to people in power. Some say we should try to ensure that Christians run the government in order to enforce our values. Some say we should abstain from governance altogether. As usual, Jesus presents us with a different way: The Jesus Way of power.

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2017-03-05The Jesus Way: Lesson 100 - Sharp-Dressed Man?
Matthew 22:1-14

One of the strangest sayings of Jesus has to do with the poorly-dressed man at the wedding ceremony. Why is it so offensive for this man to be wearing non-wedding clothes, and how are we supposed to find ourselves in this story? Are we so poorly dressed?

Pastor Mike SwalmPlay
2017-02-26The Jesus Way: Lesson 99 - In & Out
Matthew 21:28-46

Isn´t it true that most of us like to think of ourselves as the "righteous," the "good," and even the "holy?" If we´re not careful, we can miss how Jesus turns even our own awareness on its head. Let´s seek to be the ones who seek the kingdom!

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2017-02-19The Jesus Way: Lesson 98 - Authority and the Jesus Way
Matthew 21:23-27

Our ideas of authority usually have something to do with merit or position: either we earn authority through some kind of heroic or impressive act, or we have authority because of our spatial relationship with other people. But Jesus turns even our ideas of authority on their head. Authority, for Jesus, is something altogether different!

Pastor Mike SwalmPlay
2017-02-12The Jesus Way: Lesson 97 - Figs and Faith
Matthew 21:18-22

The cursing of the fig tree and its subsequent teaching is one of the strangest passages in the New Testament, but at it´s core, is a passage that calls us to deep and fruitful faith. What would it look like for the church to truly embrace Jesus´ words about faith and fruitfulness in this passage? Could it be that we would find the power of the Spirit we´ve been seeking?

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2017-02-05The Jesus Way: Lesson 96 - House of Prayer and Den of Thieves
Matthew 21:12-17

In an effort to ensure that we remain relevant to the prevailing culture, the church in North America has tried all sorts of tricks and gimmicks. Is it possible that with all of this effort, we have missed the only necessary thing?

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2017-01-29The Jesus Way: Lesson 95 - Upside-Down Triumph
Matthew 21:1-11

Nothing about the reign of Jesus really makes sense in our understandings of "reign." Even his "Triumphal Entry" looks more like a cheap parade than a King´s retinue. How are we supposed to follow this kind of King when he seems so un-king-like?

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2017-01-22The Jesus Way: Lesson 94 - Unseen
Matthew 20:29-34

Jesus does dozens of healings in the Gospels, but this one stands out in Matthew. It comes after Jesus turns our expectations upside-down and spotlights two blind men. The great irony in this story, and in our lives today, is that the ones who can´t see are the ones who go unseen, until Jesus sees them. What does it mean for us to walk in this Jesus way amongst the unseeing and unseen?

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2017-01-15The Jesus Way: Lesson 93 - Missing the Point
Matthew 20:17-28

Jesus is on his way to the cross. He has predicted his death. He sees great sorrow ahead, but his disciples are determined to ensure that they have some status. They bicker over who is greater, who is best, and who will have the greatest reward. Ambition in the face of the Kingdom, according to Jesus, needs to look very different.

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2017-01-08The Jesus Way: Lesson 92 - Receiving God´s Blessing
Matthew 20:1-16

The week we will look at what is means to see God be generous... to other people. It´s easy to receive his blessing but we often don´t do a good job at seeing others, even our enemies receive it as well.

Pastor Nikayla ReizePlay
2017-01-01The Jesus Way: Lesson 91 - The Riches of Christ
Matthew 19:16-30

The story of the rich young ruler is one of the most convicting of all Jesus´ interactions on earth, especially to North American audience. Was Jesus really so disparaging of wealth? Are we supposed to sell everything just like the young man? Surely we get to keep just a bit? Maybe this story is even more convicting than we realize!

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